Our vision

We create space for living. Man and his needs are the most important for us. Nature, emotions, variety of colours, functionality, light. We design interiors where you can find tranquility, space and comfort. We like minimalism because silence, harmony and space tidiness are so important to us.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Adam Pulwicki - CEO PULVA
Interior Designer

I adore unidentified natural colours and relations they create among themselves. Human being is the most important value for me. Beside my interior design passion, the World inspires and intrigues me all the time. That is why I read and travel a lot. I love painting, photography, ballet. I find inspiration in nature and music.

Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan

Patrycja Adamczewska
Interior Designer

As she describes herself, she is incurable optimist. Unbridled imagination makes her to create projects, which have been often distinguished and valued before. Her work motto is Vitruvius’s words: „Architecture is about keeping the three rules: durability, ergonomics and beauty” And these rules she tries to implement into her work.

University of Arts, Poznan

Borysia Siwka Janasz
Interior Designer

Form, space, human being, relations between colours and lights are fundamental elements when striving for a perfect design. In this process passion and commitment are the most important, and as a result the fulfilment and satisfaction of the investor. I look for the inspiration in nature, people, all kind of art and everyday life.

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow

Jagoda Muzsik
Interior Designer

I have always been sensitive to aesthetics and detail. Magic of the final impression is hidden in details, and it should lapse into memory. The charisma of a particular man should be found in the designed interior first of all. That is why I look for a perfect union of functionality and beauty when comes to designing.

University of Arts, Poznan

Our Partners

We work with many carefully and knowingly chosen producers and suppliers. We are the accredited design office for many World known brands. Due to these partnership relations we have a complete access to the knowledge and materials we need. It gives a good feeling of comfort and trust.