Quadrant house

The house created from the first scratch by our studio. It was created with a synergy with the best Polish house architect Robert Konieczny and his office KWK Promes from Katowice. The vision of the house created together with the investor was a basis for the guidelines for the architect. Designing took us over a year. Only after closing of the architecture and interior projects, investors made a decision to start the building. It is a quadrant shaped house, addicted as Mikołaj Kopernik, to the World’s sides and the Sun. The key point is the movable terrace which follows the Sun during the day. Next to the elegance, nature, peace and harmony were the most important determinates to create the interiors and colours.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva

Calm greyness is completed by natural warm whiteness, in different spaces spiced with the accent of graphite colour, black, mint and blueish grey. Sage, rosemary, pepper, vanilla, nature and a man find here their relationship. They build a World detached from the hustle of a big city, giving an asylum and a space to relax, to read a book, to listen to the music and just laziness.

The house is open to the surrounding World, nature and people. The house of the brave and creative people who are not afraid of challenges. The house designed with a thought and respect for the history, as it should last and survive. The World should fall in love in it and show it as a model example. It was a huge adventure for us.