Atelier AMARO

We have known each other with Wojtek since 2013. We met while designing a kitchen “laboratory”, realized by ZAJC company. Thanks to that we get to know Wojtek and his philosophy of life. The importance of Polish local products, influence of the seasons, menu based on 52 weeks. We were acquainted to the unique and surprising combinations of flavours. We are captivated by the aesthetics of serving the dishes created by Atelier Amaro. This place should be visited by everyone who cares about time and quality of life.
Every meeting is an unforgettable moment. Memories based on passion and talent. Muga inspires us and motivates to communicate about food in a different way. Thanks to that, our realizations and kitchen projects have a different dimension… flavour, scent are as much important as furniture, equipment and the arrangement.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva