VASCO Integration

VASCO Integration competition is a culmination of many years of intense cooperation between VASCO and interior designers in Poland. VASCO products – decorative radiators, are still quite new on the market. Their history has no more than 30 years, they appeared in Poland only in 90s. The idea of using a radiator as a design element and at the same time high lifting the interior’s standard, was still new and surprising for many customers 10 years ago. VASCO presented this idea mainly to interior architects, which had in the basis of their professional competences such imagination and courage for new solutions. This year it has been the 10th edition of this competition. Adam Pulwicki was invited to a body of judges together with such personalities as Hanna Bajer, Szymon Brodziak, Piotr Grupiński, Piotr Perepłyś and Joanna Walendzik-Stefańska.

Adam Pulwicki - CEO Pulva